I promised I’d restart using this account so here goes.

Live from BlackHat 2018! (Will the hashtags work or matter?)


One of the vendors at Black Hat asked me what I use for my antivirus protection.

My reply - GNU/Linux 😎

You judge society by how it treats its weakest. Time for you to go, Christy Clark.

We're sponsored by @jetbrains ! Thank you @hhariri & team! Get free licenses at our meetup! meetup.com/DDD-CQRS-ES/

Michael Feathers, writer of Working Effectively with Legacy Code talks about code and stuff. Well worth a listen advancetechmedia.org/episode-0

Merriam-Webster added "sheeple" to the dictionary. About time. Apple's been making those since the 80s. cnet.com/news/apple-fans-merri

Check out our latest episode with Michael Feathers @mfeathers of @r7krecon author of advancetechmedia.org/episode-002-mi…

Wordpress strikes again. Can't wait to switch to Hugo.

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