🎉 LogarithmPlotter v0.1.5 released!


Includes critical patches for v0.1.4 including issues with opening and saving files.

Full changelog: git.ad5001.eu/Ad5001/Logarithm

For those who have missed v0.1.4, LogarithmPlotter is now translated in 5 languages!

🎉 La nouvelle version de mon site est disponible!
(note: n'hésitez pas à report les bugs sur git.ad5001.eu/Ad5001/ad5001.eu)

🎉 Party popper The new version of my website is available!
(note: report bugs at git.ad5001.eu/Ad5001/ad5001.eu)

Maintenance sur certains des services disponibles sur ad5001.eu

Site web pour voir les services, check.
Système d'installation, check.
Système de mise à jour, en progression.

Website for services, check.
Installation system, check.
Updating system, in progress

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