@varjmes There is something so soothing and compelling about these vidoes.

@carlesjove If it works out you probably should give some thought to how long to keep the recordings for.
You can have them expire after a certain amount of time. When they expire you make a new request to the actual endpoint again.
Helps you ensure that the api you are calling hasn't changed or anything like that 👍

If you are looking for a new opportunity the Raspberry Pi Foundation is looking for a senior web developer, Ruby on Rails, Node, React etc..
Remote friendly :)


@carlesjove If you are making real requests you could record them using VCR github.com/vcr/vcr
First run is slow due to real requests, subsequent runs use the recorded responses so are much quicker.

When I started work this morning I didn't expect I would spend hours trying to fix the template variables in emails translated into urdu.
The email text and the actual variables, and html, and css all translated.

Registration for Coolest Projects UK closes this Sunday! Kids from all over the UK can register a project idea now for their chance to showcase a digital project in the @SharpProject on March 2nd! Register here: coolestprojects.org/uk/


@adz You may already know this but if you like this guy check out Flight of the Conchords 😀

The right button on my Logitech M570 has been dying for a while.
Bought a replacement switch and tried to replace it over the weekend.

Unfortunately I made a right pigs ear of getting the old switch of the circuit board, and managed to remove the copper pad from the circuit board, completely breaking the right click. 😭

I really need to get better at de-soldering!

On the plus side I get to try the Kensington orbit now.

I think I finally found what was causing random ruby processes to send my macbook into fan whirring apoplexy.

It was spring of course.

It's always bloody spring

@timriley At my last job it was erb.
I think because they didn't want to learn something new. 😒

@haptap Crack it open!
My soldering is definitely not great, but I built a keyboard recently which required a lot of soldering and helped me improve.
It works and everything!

Just need to practice :)

Bought a beginner electronics kit. Better start learning I guess!

@Chaos_99 Yeah I think it's not something I'll be trying any time soon!

Good luck with your build, hope to see pictures at some point :)

@Chaos_99 I think you put resin on the paper and then use various nasty things like car body filler which you can sand smooth once dry.

Seems long winded and messy, but probably pretty fun.

@Chaos_99 I hadn't really thought about heat forming stuff.

Could probably use sheet styrene and build a master for my purposes.

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