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Must not be vaccinated, social distancing, and masks don't work if you caught the Chinese virus, huh?

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Fucking corrupt UN. They are just greedy mother fuckers who want to steal from billionaires under the guise of an imaginary moral high ground. Fix your fucking third world countries, assholes.

I just realize that both actors who portrayed Lurch in the Addams Family (the 1964 series and the 1991 film) also had roles in Star Trek.

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To be fair, the POTUS has a lot on his plate.

There's mashed potatoes, mashed peas, mashed carrots, applesauce... wait

is that baby food?

Solarwinds marketing email subject line:
"They're here. And they're in your network."

Uh, is this from 'lessons learned'?

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if we're in an exploitative tech morality depression, let's have an information processing New Deal: corporate reforms stronger than GDPR, swap SSN account numbers with real private/public key infrastructure, declare war on anyone selling bulk personal information, make data caps illegal, and fund big public programs to replace walled-gardens with safe, distributed, self-hosted alternatives

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Everyone can breath easy. Conservative media used stock footage of empty shelves. The supply chain crisis isn't real.

Whew. That was a close one.

Not being a HAM, my question is, is there a utility or is it just an exercise for fun?

I received an email from Best Buy informing me a password reset failed because there is no account associate with my email address.

I didn't request any password reset and I don't have a Best Buy account.

It is comforting to know I'm not the only one who uses the wrong email address on accounts they don't use very often. I goofed just yesterday changing an email address. I'm sorry, ams@ You know who you are.

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SUV guarding the sidewalk - Thank you for making the world a safer place!

for !
(Children, elderly and people with disabilities excluded)

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Received two spam calls at the same time so I put them on conference 🤣

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My friend just put out a really chill music video, she did all the animations herself! Check it out!

Boosts appreciated!

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What is this shit? Fuck you, China.

I can't figure out how to defeat the Soiled Fist in so I can never open the app again.

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what do you mean my code has a new vulnerability?
I literally haven't done anything to it in years!

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, the home computer from an alternative timeline is available for pre order from now on. first units might be shipped end of the year.

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when you're in the chip aisle and can't make any decisions

Does it _look_ like they know what they are doing? They have a Desktop shortcut on their Desktop, for crying out loud!

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