@zladuric I hear you. Personally, I always find that I want to do more with the hardware, not less, in the long run.

A cursory look at eBay and I saw a PC with 16 GiB RAM sans HDD for $42. Not bad.

@zladuric How cheap? Do you have any parts with which to build? Old PC? HDDs?

FWIW, I had a PC with 8 GB of RAM and a bunch of 2.5" HDDs, bought a 5.25" cage (houses 6 drives), PCI SATA controller, and SATA power splitter. Cost about USD200. I put on an SSD.

Works surprising well. I can't put more RAM, but would. Running a few virtual machines over iSCSI from it. Can't vouch for media server, but there is a Plex plugin.

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@category Don't know how much it costs, but surely it would be a percentage of the pay rise they were able to successfully negotiate.

@category I recently read there are people who will negotiate salary increases for you. I would consider this if ever I was in such a position: forced to choose to ask for a raise to stay in place (known) or find another employer (unknown).

@newt @icedquinn It is some intense armchair lawyering.

I'm sure they are proud of the echo chamber they've created.

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Anyone know of a pocket PC out there for under $200?

I know GPD exists but according to folks I know they're overpriced. Form factor it's right along what I want, though. Mostly just want to have a pocket sized text editor. Battery life is more important than speed/power

Boosts welcome

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On this day, consider how the public image of affects creative tech-savvy people. How it might have affected Aaron.

Aaron was an easy target for US DoJ, partly because "of course hackers are bad". Perhaps Aaron would be alive today had the hacker movement not been demonized as much in the mainstream.

Consider this next time you use the word "hacker" when you mean "cybercriminal":


One of the saddest phrases ever spoken:

"Starting route to Walmart Super Center."

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📢 Owl is now on GitHub! 🎉

After an unsigned long long wait, I'm finally releasing the source code of Owl, my portable compositor in Objective-C that runs on Mac OS X, the Hurd (and probably just about anywhere else thanks to the magic of ). Along with it, I'm also publishing the port of Wayland that runs on OS X.

Please note that Owl is still very much a work in progress. It's amazing that many things work, but naturally others don't. There's a lot to improve!


@danielhglus Do we want to know what you put in the hamper instead of your sock?

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That feeling when you sit in your car, and the song is so good you have to let it finish.

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The Lord Hates Him!!! This Baffled King Discovered The Ten Best Secret Chords. The Fourth and Fifth Will SHOCK You!

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With my new computer I took another stab at the "Vaporwave Animation". Armed with more reference materials and some better understanding of procedural geometry, I ended up with this.

I think it's a substantial improvement on other results.


This seems fairly devastating. Interesting that CNN gave this story to Rachel Maddow, considering her lawyers presented and a court agreed that she is merely entertainment, not news or journalism, and no one should take what she says seriously. I can only conclude that not even CNN believes this is real. But it sure is timely for them to have this story and not a single one about how a key figure in the source of the Steele Dossier was found to have lied to the FBI.

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Tired: "Screening an unknown call..."

Wired: Screaming at unknown calls

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