Ok so I need to buy or build a cheap NAS for my photography hobby (and perhaps serving some media). Preferably low power but fast network (1GB) is important.

Any suggestions?

@zladuric How cheap? Do you have any parts with which to build? Old PC? HDDs?

FWIW, I had a PC with 8 GB of RAM and a bunch of 2.5" HDDs, bought a 5.25" cage (houses 6 drives), PCI SATA controller, and SATA power splitter. Cost about USD200. I put on an SSD.

Works surprising well. I can't put more RAM, but would. Running a few virtual machines over iSCSI from it. Can't vouch for media server, but there is a Plex plugin.

@AMSmith1972 I'm starting from practically scratch. I probably have an odd component here and there, but recently I moved and used the chance to get rid of almost all the e-waste - some sold, some given away, some disposed.
How cheap? Good question. If I could get at around 200 without disks, that would be great - obviously used gear is what I aim for, but I'd buy a couple of new disks.

@AMSmith1972 I may be overthinking it all and should just get whatever from ebay that takes two disks and does the basic NAS job. But I keep fancying running a VM or two or whatever else.


@zladuric I hear you. Personally, I always find that I want to do more with the hardware, not less, in the long run.

A cursory look at eBay and I saw a PC with 16 GiB RAM sans HDD for $42. Not bad.

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