Favorite letter in "poll":

When did Steam start adding when you played a game for the first time to the friend activity feed? That's... weird and unnecessary.

And on and on like that. I mean how do people do it? Maybe not with such trivial things but they find SOMETHING to blab about every minute or two. Maybe find life highlights rather than a running narrative?

I think there's hair in my eyes. Probably need a haircut.

How do people post something random every two seconds on microblogging sites like this? That'd be exhausting to me.

Oh hi, how did you get into Minetest because now I'm afraid.
(Mineclone 2 mod for Minetest)

You know what Steam needs? More old games. Really, really old games.

Yes, I know GOG, but I don't use a credit card. Steam has retail cards. No, the weird cards GOG says they support aren't sold here. No, you can't use anything else GOG supports without a credit card or other identifiable MC/Visa-supported cards.

Back to single monitor. I don't get how people effectively use more than one monitor for anything. It's a pain to use, distracting, unreliable, unstable, and I'd rather just look at one damn monitor than having to go back and forth between two (and I can't even imagine having more). If it works for you, great. For me, it's terrible. Sorry!


The bad news is I have zero motivation to do anything any more.

The good news is I have zero motivation to do anything any more.

One of the biggest issues I have with a dual monitor setup is that there are fullscreen applications (games, etc) that will completely ruin your day with dual monitors, particularly old games with no full-screen-as-window setup, and old games is mostly what I play.

I am trying my best to enjoy a decent dual monitor setup, but it's crap like this that makes me want to chunk the second one out the window and go back to my one monitor where things JustWork™.

Now that 8ch is down, can we take down 4chan and reddit next?

Why is it that every time I get really depressed, I want to go join Facebook and all the other "normal" sites, then delete GNU/Linux and install Windows? It's like I think if I just act "normal" everything will be okay.

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