Two months ago, I was beaten down and made to think I needed to no longer be who I really was.

Made to think that I needed to stop fighting and just accept the world as it is.

I had made such progress ridding my life of evil corporate spyware garbage all to just embrace it all again.

I fell so far from that wonderful place.

Time to rise again.

Why is it that every time I get really depressed, I want to go join Facebook and all the other "normal" sites, then delete GNU/Linux and install Windows? It's like I think if I just act "normal" everything will be okay.

Sick of Firefox and Chrome based browsers. And there aren't any (good, usable ones) that isn't based on one or the other.

"Nobody votes in polls" say the people who voted that option in this poll :P

How many people actually vote in polls

So over the last two months, I've killed my Birdsite account, stopped watching YouTube for the most part, stopped running Steam and only running DRM-free games, and am moving to ProtonMail from GMail.

It feels good.

It's funny how every single time I decide i'm going to give Wayland a fair, unbiased chance and tell myself that I'm not going to stop using it just because of small, minor setbacks, it doesn't even take a single day for me to give it up because of huge, major, desktop-breaking problems and curse its very existence.

I'm sure there are people who use it daily without any issues, but how?

Okay, I'm going to protonmail. If they randomly shut down one day, I'm going to be mad :)

I need to rid myself of like I've rid myself of everything else google. But for what? Need free email so it's basically a choice between one of the traditional bad company providers (outlook, yahoo) and up and comers like tutanota that could die tomorrow like one I used to use that suddenly decided it no longer existed and I had to deal with the pain of restoring access to every service I had without access to the email address associated with it.


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Love how now that Windows 10 is screwing over Windows users, they look back at the horribly flawed and messy Win7 as some sort of flawless thing, when at the time Win7 was the only thing, they did the same with WinXP, which was also horribly flawed.

Win2k was pretty good, though. Or at least bearably so.

It's something to do with PrivacyBadger. Saw something on their issue tracker that was a similar problem with another site regarding cookies. Forced it to accept mastodon for now but I might have to disable PrivacyBadger if it's going to be a pain in the butt.

This right here. This is not the only instance I've seen this happen on. Nothing loads until I do a force refresh in the browser. Why does this happen in mastodon (and only mastodon, everything else seems fine)?

Firefox added something called "scroll anchoring" that supposedly keeps the page from scrolling down when images load, but all it means to me is that it constantly loses its place if I intentionally click something that expands or pops up something, which is annoying.

Fortunately, the answer is in about:config:

layout.css.scroll-anchoring.enabled = false

Why do Mastodon instances come up with a bunch of "Oops!" errors sometimes and nothing else loads, and doesn't work until you force-refresh the page?

I think finally, after countless years of it being a thing, I'm beginning to warm up to .

About time, right?

Oh yeah, not to mention that using Google's basically gives Google another way to track you across the internet.

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