I'm about to make 27.5 trillion dollars. Might drop a cool 100bil on a new pc so I can play video games.

About to start a new RPG game over IRC.
Sitting outside with a fire, laptop and a cup of tea. Gonna be a good night!

When I drive home from night shift I count kangaroos to keep alert to them all.
Top score was 59. Tonight I only saw 48 :(

I have to say, I love Radicale.
It's a fantastic bit of software that does exactly what it says and does it properly, perfect example of the unix philosophy. I love having the availability yet not having to share my personal life with MS or Google, check it out :)


Had an eventful afternoon.
Got the new 4x4 bogged. Had to call grandad and a stranger at the waterhole to pull me out.

By the time I'd gone into town and bought a slab for the bloke who helped me, it was stormy, got home trees down everywhere.

Spent 90 minutes cutting my way into town with a chainsaw and the pub has no power:(

Also a picture of my puppy meeting the neighbours doggos after I went to check on em.

Pretty good holiday so far!

Haven't seen the river this full in a while.
Perfect for a cheeky morning swim :)

Both my girls are getting along :)
Although the Labrador did run around the yard refusing to share a slice of pizza.

Just got my puppy. Her name is Eleanor and a good doggo.

Went gold prospecting with my mum and sisters. They took sneaky photos :")

Pulling a few pines out of my place to build a shed.
Next weekend I plant some replacement pines :)

Good Saturday night.
No moon tonight so I'll be able to lie here and watch the stars :)

Just a nice little blood creek at work.
It's all rather disgusting.

Property settles on Wednesday but I'm allowed out a bit early

Gonna relax and enjoy it. Got a nice camp oven stew cooking and a few beers.

I tied my modem 7 metres up a tree so I have Wi-Fi. Life is good right now.

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