The federated timeline is populated too quickly to read. A full page waterfall design could solve this problem. Toots would fall from top to bottom.

I have found my hobby for the forseeable future. 😂

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I do not miss birdsite one little bit. Ever since they locked my account because one of my tweets "broke the rules", I certainly did delete it. Then I blew up the account. I took all 55,000 tweets with me. It was one of the single most positive things I could have done for my own health and self-care. Abandoning Twitter is Self-Care folks.

Screw Twitter. It's a cesspool.

C++ especially seems a miracle to me to have a strong type system and low-level access.

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Learning Haskell has made me appreciate imperative languages more. 🤔

I am not prepared for fatherhood. 😂 This is the minor leagues.

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My first cat has instructed my second cat on the art of screaming at high-volume for no apparent reason.

What's the cheapest Mastodon instance hosting solution?

Does anyone know of a Twitter-Mastodon bridge?

It's been a while

Feel like I need to support the Fediverse though

Just starting "Haskell Programming from First Principles"

Really want to add automatic translation to your language of choice to the federated timeline

I'm always thinking of ways to improve Mastodon but I never make any pull requests. 🤔

Can't find any interesting tech meetups in New York this week

I like the AI ones but they're all online.

Finding the 90/10 solution is always the right approach in my mind.

Keeps me from doing bullshit

Spent an hour trying to separate my API constants and helper functions into their own files

JavaScript is more than one language.

No posts in half an hour

I hope more people migrate from the main instance.

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