When creating icons for SVG export in Affinity Designer expand all strokes to curves and combine all elements into one curve...

Creating a film roll effect in Affinity Designer. It takes a bit of time but using the 'Transform Mode' to move, skew, or scale multiple nodes helps speed things up.

Another composite - in the 'tacky moon shot' category - based on a shot I took at the beach this morning

I had some fun with a little exercise compositing - more precisely 'creating a photoshopped monstrosity' based on a plain photo.
[after seeing too many on 'nature photo' groups on FB]

Affinity Designer has no gradient to follow a curve [it's either linear, elliptical, radial, or conical] but you can 'fake it' with a vector brush.

Just a quick 'hack' to create an uneven 'cut or torn' look by using a custom brush and the layer blend mode 'Erase' in Affinity Designer

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