detransition, transphobia 

@zkat as someone exploring their gender I feel this weird weight and fear to "never move back" like it's not a spectrum and you can't move within it. Some sort of weird gravity to move to the polar binary opposite and never look back.
Like you say it's such transphobic feqr inducement and I feel it internalised too.

@Sarklor takes them 4 years to throw off actual nazis, but metaphor is beyond them.

Reported a ridiculously obviously fake account to Facebook.

What do you think was the outcome?

You know when you want to say something and you brain gives you, consistently, the opposite of that thing? Like multi instead of single.

eff u brain

Does anyone I know have a remarkable2? What's it like? Snog, marry, kill?

Why does no "frontend girl in a backend world" cover of Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" not exist?

Love my new pride-ful BlΓ₯haj!

Thank you @SBinLondon for mailing it off so quickly. πŸ’–

Back to work tomorrow (later today?) After nearly 4 months of paternity leave.


This is the UK govs advice on educational settings during lockdown as a clinically vulnerable person..but only as a student, as a parent who needs to take kids to edu settings, interact with parents/teachers and possibly be infected by my own kids there is nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Only just got my shielding letter and we're practically 3 weeks into this new lockdown. πŸ™„

Spending far too much energy trying to get new life insurance because of my stupid diabetes and covid and capitalism and and and

Feeling useless and pathetic...time for bed then.

What do you call severely out of date salmon whipped together with some cream?

Danger Mousse.

Keep seeing advice about making sure your kids wear a uniform while homeschooling to keep up habits and headspace, so decided to give it a go with the 4yo this morning.

Oh hey folks, it's senate minority leader Mitch McConnell πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Every time you see someone arguing against consent, report their message for advocating for rape.

Wish people would stop rm -rf'ing 2020, this year sucked but it's also the year my beautiful baby was born so can we mv or rm the symlink please?

Gonna call it now, the big Ben Miller reveal for Death in Paradise 2021 is going to end up with Camille dying at the end of of her two part return and her ghost walking off down the each with his ghost.

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