Doctor upped my SSRIs, hoping to become a functioning human being again. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–

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Egg Boy thwapped an egg across the head of a racist Australian senator. Be like Egg Boy.

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"As a policy, we do not respond to speculation or observations from people who doubt our resolve. Past experience affirms debating speculation and emotion do not serve our interests or our customers." couldn't hurt to sound a little empathetic over ?

@AskChip that's a good point, we have a toddler and an older kid...the toddler does keep wasting the paper similar to a cat, maybe I'm missing a trick?

Me: can't we all just get along?

Also me: who put this toilet roll on the wrong way is going to PAY

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@popey for me it's having a curses interface over many of tops features, like filtering in the UI etc, I also prefer colour coding and graphs.

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Here’s my SpiderVerse OC, a lab spider that was experimented on with Spider-Man’s blood. Has human child level intelligence and empathy, amplified strength, an extended life span, and the ability to speak. Breaks free and decides to find and β€œhelp” Spider-Man, his role model.

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Pleroma is better because we have a personality cult around 2 (two) devs, not only one.
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That thing with the young you and the older you, without the silly hashtag.

Had my 6 monthly eye check up...followed by impromptu laser surgery. 😬

Probably about the most uncomfortable (not necessarily that painful) experience I've ever had.

That TV address seemed like a bigger load of horse shit than usual. Credit where credit is due I didn't think any more horse shit could be peddles by him and his administration, but there he did it. πŸ˜’

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went down a short Wikipedia rabbit hole and came out with this gem:

"In 1982, New Jersey-based punk rock group The Misfits were arrested and accused of attempting to exhume Laveau from her grave after a local concert."

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