That thing with the young you and the older you, without the silly hashtag.

Had my 6 monthly eye check up...followed by impromptu laser surgery. 😬

Probably about the most uncomfortable (not necessarily that painful) experience I've ever had.

That TV address seemed like a bigger load of horse shit than usual. Credit where credit is due I didn't think any more horse shit could be peddles by him and his administration, but there he did it. πŸ˜’

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went down a short Wikipedia rabbit hole and came out with this gem:

"In 1982, New Jersey-based punk rock group The Misfits were arrested and accused of attempting to exhume Laveau from her grave after a local concert."

@zkat I'm not even sure if the last time I used either?

1. Don't read other people's lists of 100 tips that really really helped them in their highly specific highly privileged life at some very specific point in time.

They'll just (unintentionally?) shame you.

Found my anti-depressants in the fridge earlier and one of my inhalers in the dishwasher.

I don't know what you're implying but I was totally lucid this morning. 😢

Dance like nobody is watching until the GOP get all creepy white dude over your video 10 years later.

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In SemVer, X.0.0 is a major version, and 0.X.0 is the "Coward's major version"

My Pikachu (they're called "Peeks") has been taking hair style tips from

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@zkat it doesn't help that it's not like their usual stuff

Been wondering for a while why one of my nodes always propogated super slow to the rest of the network..for some reason the outgoing rate limit was set to 2 KiB/s 🀦

Upgraded rasppi syncthing/NAS box to a B+ I had sat on a shelf, upgraded main router, upgraded _all the firmwares_, new IP cam in the little ones room (TLS'd stream on it's own vlan), and finally figured out how to mount the NVIDIA Shield's smbv1 shares wth CIFS.

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Happy "Birthday" to all those diaspora users who left DOB set to 01/01 on sign-up. :)

I can lift my right arm to shoulder height once more, bravo 2019.

Oh FFS Nokia, changing the Nokia 8.1 now has a 6.18" screen? Part of the reason I liked the 8 was it only has. 5.3" screen. πŸ˜’

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hello kitty's boyfriend is a he/him lesbian and I won't be taking any questions

@AskChip I've been using the freestyle libres for a year now, expensive in that they only last 2 weeks but they have made a big difference to my day to day (like discovering I was having hypos in the night)

@AskChip ah I use a similar patch (tegraderm, already cut to size but with the same mechanics) to cover my continuous glucose monitor

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