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Day 7 catch-up:
"Welcome to the Jungle", inspired by the poles and wooden bar currently supporting our bedroom ceiling.

Playing catch up (day 6):
"Smile for the gold", inspired by my eldest winning first place in a judo contest and having the biggest smile.

Playing catch up (day 5):
"Wolfboy's first 'ween"
Concept conceived watching Super Monsters with youngest.

Playing catch up (day 4):
"Leap" actually an ink over a 9 year old sketch in a sketchbook I'd since given my son, of a leaping martial artist from any old 70s Kung Fu film, reimagined as a "wyrm".

"Drip Drip Drip" in Bic black gel.

This is the view of our bedroom light fixture tonight, pouring water down it from our open loft (we're having it converted), exposed during the nights storm, the tail end of a far off hurricane.

My bonus from yesterday was a "Vampire trying but failing to eat a burrito", rejected because I *hated* the hand and arm.

I'm very rusty, but tonight my son wanted to create his own Pokemon-likes, so here is mine.
"Kryos" is the spirit of an ancient tree, the embodiment of time, and his species own suffering.

Yes I branded myself with a spaghetti-o.
Not much else I can say about that really. 🀦

New snazzy patch to hold my NFC blood monitor on more securely.

Anyone else find themselves quoting The Incredible Hulk to their kids?

Woke up this morning to find a single jelly bean on the bathmat. We haven't had any jelly beans on the house for over a year, and there seemingly aren't any others.

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