That thing with the young you and the older you, without the silly hashtag.

My Pikachu (they're called "Peeks") has been taking hair style tips from

Apparently Doctor Matthew thought I had something wrong with my head (tbf it's not the first time I've heard that).

When you finally get round to cleaning your trackball..

Our new bedding is the absolute fucking cutest. πŸ’–

there is definitely humour in the image of ejecting bigots out of windows (although it seems cruel to the windows if you forger to open them first), just like the idea of punching Nazis.

Defenestration has *two* literal meanings though, as pictured in this toot, and it is the COMMON informal meaning (notice how the first is *rare*) that we're talking about here..removing TERFs from positions of power and platforms with which they spread their hatespeech.

Who's got two thumbs..and can't move one of them?

Diabetes and blood sugar management Show more

Think I'd struggle to have visited BHS recently Google, my TARDIS is in the shop.

From birdsite Show more

From birdsite Show more

"it's not a toy train, it's a miniature locomotive."

On my brother’s farmlet he has an old ram which is separated from the other rams bc they’re bullies to him. Last spring a young, wild pig turned up in his paddock and they’ve become best friends. Sunbathing today.

Usual holiday card games with grandparents, go fish, snap, pairs and.. Munchkin, obviously.

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