What the absolute fuck just happened on Question Time?!

@1stvamp No idea, who watches the BBC nowadays? What have you heard happened there?

@pperrin seemed a tory MP outright accused Corbyn of being an anti-semite, followed by a lot of very nasty rhetoric...I mean it's still entirely possible, but they seem to have slid even further into US politics "say any old shit no one cares" territory

@1stvamp Oh, OK. I've never heard an understandable definition of 'anti-semite'. Corbyn is anti-zionist (actually maybe not true... just anti where Israel actually is?), but the rest is for rainman savants to fret about...

The Labels Don't Work Any More.

@1stvamp cool. if people could look towards the actual impacts, instead of posturing towards the labels and tags, at least they'd be thinking about the issues instead of joining mobs...

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