Reoccurring trigger finger, De Quervins syndrome, possible, no Body I don't need my hands for anything, you just carry on... πŸ˜’

When the pain meds kick in after hours of heightened chronic pain.

Staring at the wall and wondering why you're so crap you can't go fill up the dishwasher is pretty much the same as actually being able to go and fill up the dishwasher, right?

Some of us know how shitty you're being β€” forget me ever recommending a not-man friend/acquaintance ever work for you. 🌊

One of the worst things about depression is the guilt cycle...feeling bad because you worry that everyone is judging you because you feel bad. It feeds back into itself.

Sometimes it's enough just to remember that feeling depressed isn't "your fault", other times not so much.

Always disappointed more people don't turn up to Farage's speeches in dolphin costumes.

Someone is sat a few seats down from me also called Wes and their friends keep calling their name and it's like a frequent hard stop interrupt on my brain. πŸ˜…

does anyone else pronounce ROFLMAO as "roffle mayo" in their head?

Just saw a reflection in a shop window and wondered to myself "what's an oottat?"

Let's have some more positivity on here!
There's some amazing stuff to be proud of!

And anger! Let's all be ANGRY at the shit that's wrong with our industry, the world and life in general.

Your good shit is valid, and so is your anger at the bad shit.

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@1stvamp it's easy for them to do since they themselves (currently) experience none of that pain or suffering.

People who proudly "see past politics" usually do so by ignoring the pain, misery and suffering of the victims of those politics.

Couple of white royalist woman on TV arguing that Megan isn't treated differently than Kate because she's a WOC.

Riiiiiiiiiiiight. what's the point of picking a Monday delivery slot to have you turn up at 7am on a Sunday instead?
3yo is up now β€” that's my Sunday morning lie-in wrecked.

tfw you can't organise your fucking underwear draw, let alone tech workers.

"free lumens are great but have you ever tried not enabling creepy stalkers?" it would be really great to hear what y'all are planning to do about the increasing stream of creepy McCreepFaces that are following and DM'ing not-men through your app/network.

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