#Google removes #Kodi from search autocomplete in anti-piracy effort - the article state "But, while Kodi is legal software, it remains a space that enables piracy, akin to platforms like BitTorrent."... Yes, like any general purpose computer. 🙄 theverge.com/2018/3/29/1717689

@bjoern the Kodi guy now are forced to change again the name of the project because now is associated as a piracy tool thanks to stupid legislators.

Tbf, the pirate media box distributors didn't help much. But what can they do? When I buy one, I want to make sure it's kodi based so I could install addons on it. Also these always use Android but their reputation never gets tarnished.

@0xf00fc7c8 Kodi foundation can sue anyone advertise their media boxes as Kodi-powered or something, or use a license that desn't permit selling media bixes with kodi preinstalled (tbh i don't if GPL give faculty to deny preinstallation of software)


They could maybe prevent the logo from being used, but I don't think a trademark can prevent a factual statement akin to "kodi is installed on this Android SOC".

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