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On speeding up your research by ditching isolated notes and writing towards a cohesive goal:

Feeling productive and being productive aren't always the same thing. Sometimes the best productivity system is to just do the work.

New post: A look back at the issues of announcing projects too early.

Being forced to go offline for a period helped offer a much needed reality-check on how to use my time online mindfully.

Can the so-called "Greatest laptop of all time" still hold that title almost a decade after release? Let's find out.

You don't need to spend thousands on a new laptop, sometimes the best option is a used Thinkpad.

A look at becoming a more mindful runner by switching to minimal running shoes.

April 12th marks my one year anniversary of blogging. Here's what I've learned.

Just setting up my Twtxt - or the joy of a plain-text social network.

After almost a decade of having a Google account, I'm retaking control of my data. Here's how I did it.

A personal site offers a dedicated place to experiment and learn. A place to try out that new API, see what can be done with CSS, truly discover what the Web can be.

15 minutes is (approximately) 1% of your day, how could you use it to make a difference?

You don't need fancy editors and complicated plugins to write your blog, you just need a text file and some basic Unix tools.

Despite increasing leniency on frameworks being the only way to build for the web, hand-written HTML never disappeared and I feel is still a perfectly suitable way to build a personal website.

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