Media literacy classes are often touted as an effective means of tackling disinformation. However, we should be careful not to create a "question everything" environment.

I recently took part in @info_activism 's Summer School, an eye-opening experience that has shed light on plenty of new, at times concerning, areas to explore.

When it comes to tackling disinformation online, the issue is often framed as choosing between human moderators or algorithmic detection. What if instead we were to deploy a more balanced approach?

On speeding up your research by ditching isolated notes and writing towards a cohesive goal:

Feeling productive and being productive aren't always the same thing. Sometimes the best productivity system is to just do the work.

New post: A look back at the issues of announcing projects too early.

Being forced to go offline for a period helped offer a much needed reality-check on how to use my time online mindfully.

Can the so-called "Greatest laptop of all time" still hold that title almost a decade after release? Let's find out.

You don't need to spend thousands on a new laptop, sometimes the best option is a used Thinkpad.

A look at becoming a more mindful runner by switching to minimal running shoes.

April 12th marks my one year anniversary of blogging. Here's what I've learned.

Just setting up my Twtxt - or the joy of a plain-text social network.

After almost a decade of having a Google account, I'm retaking control of my data. Here's how I did it.

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